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lundi 1 janvier 2018 , Mélanie Vanlemberghe
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Any professional can become a member of AFAC as long as he fullfills the following criteria:


  •   Pays yearly membership fee.    


  • Be breeder or owner of a Purebred Arabian horse, intended for flat racing and based at a French breeding operation.


  • Be owner or trainer of at least one Purebred Arabian racehorse, registered in training in France with France Galop.



  • A professional who exercises an activity within the Purebred Arabian racing industry in France and is approved by the board members. 


  • To a direct debit of 4% on the breeders’ premiums received for all Purebred Arabian racehorses (i.e. : € 40 for a Breeders’ premium of € 1,000).



Every member of AFAC automatically becomes a member of the French Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association and consequently accepts a direct debit of 4% on the breeders’ premiums he receives for his racehorses.





  • Advantages in the Breeders’ Challenge race.


  • € 80 discount on the entry fee for the Arqana Purebred Arabian sales. 


  • Benefits from AFAC’s information services (YEARBOOK etc.)


  • Have your name listed on the AFAC website and private acces.


  • Free publications from the French Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association (Thoroughbred Stallion Guide, Flat Racing Results, Newsletters, etc…).


  • Access the entire French Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association’s website.


  • Access all French Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association services on horse health, taxes and legal rights.


  • Free yearly subscription to the magazine “Les Cahiers du Cheval Arabe”.


  • Free subscription to Jour de Galop and The French Purebred Arabian.

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